The Sharp Electric U18 LL team consisted of very unique individuals and personalities. We had first-year players and players from rep hockey coming together to play as a team.

As the season went on, more games were played and there were a few road trips for tournaments. The team was starting to come together. We lost a few players along the way, but those who stuck with it and didn’t give up, kept their chins up and their spirits high. The coaching staff never gave up and continued to provide leadership to this young team.

A few wins, a few losses, and a couple of ties as the season continued. Not going to lie, there may have been a few penalties along the way as well. One thing is for certain, those that stuck around always had each other’s backs no matter what. March 21, 2024

As we entered the final stretch of the season, the coaching staff will agree, we were watching some of the best hockey. This team has played with 100 per cent team effort every shift. They took some real tough opponents right to the final buzzer. Once back in the dressing room, the players were starting to feel good about playing at a 100 AUTO PARTS per cent effort level.

Now, it was time for the MPS playoff tournament. Going into the playoff tournament, the team was labelled as underdogs. But that didn’t stop them from hitting the ice, and were up for a few hardfought battles, a few losses and wins and being able to eliminate Parry Sound from the For every auto or marine battery donated to CarQuest We will donate $18 to Storm Minor Hockey PROUD SPONSOR Highway 35 Minden (across form Ridgewood Ford) 705-286-1011 OVER 45 playoffs. The season sadly came to an end.

As the head coach, I could not be prouder of the effort, the team development, and the personal development that everybody achieved this year. With every season, there are ups and downs, but I couldn’t be prouder of a group of players that came together as a team.

I also want to give a big shout out to all of my bench staff for their help this season, as well as the parents and their continued efforts bringing their players to every practice, game, and tournament. Enjoy the off-season, have fun this summer, and we will see you next fall for another season of Storm hockey.