Repair Café bringing December cheer


With Christmas just around the corner – and many feeling the need to tighten their budget this year – SIRCH is bringing back its repair café Dec. 3.

The event takes place at the SIRCH Bistro this Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“This event is free and welcomes young and old to enjoy a day of tinkering, fun and an opportunity to learn new skills,” said Repair Café coordinator, Dianne Woodcock.

Repair Café helps people repair broken items, such as small household appliances, toys, electronics, pottery and more. A team of volunteers with expertise in making things work will be on hand to assess items and get them working again.

This will mark the fourth Repair Café SIRCH has held this year. All have contributed to keeping reusable items out of landfills and helping the environment, Woodcock said. It also benefits the community by connecting individuals with their neighbours, teaching them new skills and saving people money.

“SIRCH Repair Café wants to help reduce the mountains of waste that our landfills experience. We have gotten used to saying ‘oh, it’s broken, I’ll have to buy a new one’ when what we’d like is for people to say ‘oh it’s broken – I hope it can be repaired’,” said Woodcock. “Many of us have forgotten that so many things can be repaired and SIRCH Repair Café wants to change that”

If you have children, Woodcock said you won’t want to miss out on the tinker table. In partnership with the Haliburton County Public Library, the tinker table allows kids to use their imaginations and try their hand at fixing things. This week, the tinker table will feature maker toys including Snap Circuits and 3D pens.

The SIRCH Bistro is located at 49 Maple Ave., Haliburton, next to Emmerson Lumber. For more information call 705-457-1742 or email