Highland Hills United Church is making its space more accessible by putting a new elevator in the sanctuary.

“We have been looking into this for a few years. We actually had some plans, but then COVID happened and it put the brakes on everything,” Rev. Max Ward said.

Not everyone attends church services, however at some point in life people have walked through the doors, be it a wedding, a funeral, a concert, a community rental group,” the church’s Deanna Wruth said.

“So when you see people that have to go home because they don’t have enough energy to go back to their car, drive around to the lower level and come in there, well, it is going to be a great gift for them to be able to take part in the function.”

Since people have been coming back to the church, things have started moving forward again on the new elevator. A volunteer committee has been hard at work to put everything in place for the project to commence on Aug. 14. “We have hired a local contractor, James Baldry, to install the lift,” said Wruth. “And the fundraising started on Sunday, July 9.”

The goal for the fundraising campaign is $80,000, and there are several ways that the community can donate as explained by Wruth. “We are organizing a few fundraising opportunities.” She also went on to say that during the month of July, Molly’s BistroBakery has a special $20 meal ticket from which the church receives $8. “In the month of August Mulligans Pub & Patio is offering a $25 meal ticket from which we receive $10, and another in October for $40 and we receive $20.”

Both Rev. Ward and Wruth are pleased with the support they are receiving from the business community and individuals so far however, every little bit helps. “Shout out to everyone who is helping,” said Rev. Ward.

“It is nice to see people get involved,” said Wruth. “We have had one gentleman who has sold over 60 tickets for Molly’s. We also have the option to donate online by going to the church website and clicking on the Lift Us Up tab.”

The completion of the lift is slated for the end of November to mid-December. “We are crossing our fingers,” said Rev. Ward. “There is a lot of work to do, and the committee has been instrumental in moving this along.”

This new lift will ensure that all who visit the church, for whatever reason, have the ability to access both levels of the church for all the events and activities.

For more information, or to donate to the Lift Us Up campaign visit www. highlandhillspc.ca or call 705 286 1470.