This August, Highlander Katie Woodward is aiming to ride her bicycle 500 kilometres around the County to raise money for SickKids cancer research.

It’s Woodward’s second fundraising summer, and she has increased her goal since last year. In 2022, she set out to pedal 200 kilometres and raise $2,500. This summer, she hopes to generate $6,500.

“I have had family members with cancer as adults. It’s such a horrible thing to go through when you’re older. I can’t imagine kids and their parents and their families having to deal with that,” Woodward said.

She will also be entering a race in September at Haliburton Forest.

She plans to continue her ride past August in hopes of being able to raise more money.

“This is something that anybody can do. I know kids who are actually doing this, and of course adults all the way up to seniors, and you don’t have to ride 500 kilometres. I’ve known people with a goal of 50 kilometres,” Woodward said.

For more information on how to donate to Woodward, and more information on the Great Cycle Challenge: