Camexicanus has been having an eventful summer traveling all over Ontario to perform.

They were in Haliburton July 21 for a packed show at Poquito Loco. Co-founder and director, Greg Sadlier, and team, sang and played Canadian songs, then transitioned to traditional Mexican music. There was also a mix of “spanglish.”

This is their first summer after COVID, where they’ve been able to do their full program, including the Art Exchange with Mexican students. “Every summer, we have different themes. This summer, our theme is together again,” said Sadlier. He said they’d performed in St. Jacobs and Stratford. He added it was a great opportunity for the Mexican and Canadian students to showcase what they have been working on. The group also performs visual arts, through choreographed dance and other visual performances.

Camexicanus was recently on a Global TV Morning Show. Sadlier said, “that’s obviously a huge recognition, we are able to share our story with the community. One of our staff is a filmmaking student in Mexico, and then our leader-in-training, Landon Birtch, who is really passionate about film and video. It was cool to just be able to have our students go and be in a studio to experience that.”

Currently, the group is in Wawa until July 28. They will be making their way back to the Haliburton Highlands after that. They are offering day camps for $125 and overnight camps for $325.

Birtch said, “this week with the Mexican campers was one of the best weeks of my life. I learned so much about myself and tried so many new things. Even though Canadian and Mexican teenagers have some differences, we are pretty much the same.” One of the Mexican campers, Rodrigo Cantu, said, “camp and my whole experience in Canada has changed how I look at my art and life. I don’t want to leave, but I know I’ll be back and can’t wait for the Canadian campers to come to our country.”

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