Grads overcome obstacles and challenges


Adult & Alternate Education held its graduation at McKecks Tap & Grill June 29. This year’s graduating class was smaller than last year’s, having only 11 graduates. Superintendent Kim Williams, trustee Gary Brohman, principal Lisa Uuldriks, administrative head Lori Sargent, and teacher Greg Shantz were in attendance. Uuldriks told the graduates, “take some time today, when you see your names on that diploma, think of all the obstacles and challenges you’ve had to overcome and where you’re heading now.”

Award winners:

• Mason Duda-OSSTF Co-op Learning Experience

• Nicole Robichaud-CUPE Entrepreneurial Initiative Award

• Madison Robinson-OSSTF – Academic Award

• Colby Vaine-OSSTF Academic Achievement

• Sean Paquin-Joshua Rewa Award – $100

• Mauwgan Woods-Rewa Family Award – Post Secondary

The 2023 graduates:

• Heather Colby

• Mason Duda

• Bailiey Manser

• Sean Paquin

• Joseph Robichaud

• Madison Robinson

• Payton Saunders

• Colby Vaine

• Johnathon Watson

• Mauwgan Woods

• Nicole Robichaud