Haliburton County residents overwhelmingly voted against health care privatization during May 26-27 polling at 30 stations across the Highlands.

A total of 5,396 people voted ‘no’ in the local Ontario Health Coalition (OHC) ballot, while only 108 were in favour.

Across Ontario, the numbers were 376,223 against privatization and 6,083 for.

Bonnie Roe, of the Haliburton Highlands LTC Coalition, said, “30 locations across the County. Cannot thank them enough and the more than 80-plus dedicated volunteers who were so committed to get out the message to our community about the referendum, and to enable citizens to voice their opinion about privatization.”

She noted with a 24 per cent voter turnout, it was more than some local elections have garnered.

“Your numbers are huge given your population,” the OHC’s Natalie Mehra said.

The current health care system in Ontario ensures that every resident, regardless of income or status, has access to free healthcare through their health care card. However, privatization would mean that the elite would be able to pay for their healthcare and the less privileged will not.