The Save Minden ER grassroots group this week demanded an urgent public meeting with HHHS’ CEO and board chair, calling for full transparency on the decision-making process, a reassessment of timing and access to a transition plan.

Spokesman Patrick Porzuczek said the community also wants information on the impact on vulnerable populations, healthcare staff, regional growth, and local infrastructure.

“It is crucial to postpone the closure of Minden hospital and engage in a transparent and inclusive decision-making process that involves the community, local elected officials, nursing professionals, EMS personnel, and other stakeholders,” Porzuczek said.

On April 26, more than 3,300 signatures were gathered to deliver to the Provincial Legislature with plans to continue collecting signatures and making another trip in May.

Meanwhile, Minden resident Sandra Bradley has filed a complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, seeking $1 million and a moratorium on the closing on the basis of age, disability and access to goods, services and facilities.


The statement in the filing to substantiate the monetary compensation reads, “I believe this is the value of my life if I die due to an unreasonable delay in being transported to my closest emergency ward.”

Bradley lives 18 kilometres from the Minden ED and the closure will add an additional 25 to 30 minutes to the next closest emergency ward in Haliburton.

“We all have the right to safe and accessible health care and that includes emergency department services,” Bradley said.

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