Haliburton County’s Kienan and Kadyn Gillooly, along with Lucas and Logan Shaw, make up one-third of a select Ontario dirt bike team that will compete this spring to fall in an amateur motocross circuit.

They’re known as the United MX race team and if they qualify, could race in the Canadian amateur nationals.

But before that, they are doing a food drive.

The Gillooly kids’ mom, Kayla, said the food drive is giving the four kids an opportunity to give back to the community, “that has already shown the United MX team some support.”

She said a few local businesses have already donated to the team, including Car Quest, MacEwen Fuels, Northern HVAC Company and Haliburton Chrysler.

She added the sponsorships help alleviate the financial cost of entry fees, bike parts, protective gear, proper training and more.

“With the monetary donations they have received, it will help all 12 of the youth riders in UNITED MX be successful with something they are passionate about. Helping to give these kids opportunities that might have been unreachable without the help of sponsorships,” Kayla Gillooly said.

With the Minden Community Food Centre being their hometown food bank, Kienan, Kadyn, Lucas and Logan will be giving all of their collected donations to the food centre as a way to give back to the community and say thank you to the community for their helping hand.

“You will find a few of these food boxes placed around town with the team’s logo on it, asking for food donations. On The Spot Variety has an MX donation box in the store, along with Dollo’s Foodland, Haliburton Chrysler and Northern HVAC.

The food drive has begun and will run to Feb. 24.

“The kids would like to thank the community in advance for any donations they receive towards their community food drive,” Kayla Gillooly added.

If you want to follow along on their race journey, you can check with out on Instagram @ united.mx or reach out at umx.racing@gmail.com