Projected voices in magical places for 2023


Tickets are on sale for the Highlands Opera Studio’s (HOS) 17th season, in which emerging and established talents will explore indigenous stories, operatic comedies and host multiple community-focused musical events. 

“Join us to listen, learn, reawaken your senses, and celebrate together,” said general and co-artistic director, Valerie Kuinka, in a media release. 

Mishabooz’s Realm, a 2017 opera written by Cree composer and creator Andrew Balfour, is set to swoop into the Northern Lights Performing Arts pavilion Aug. 17 and 18. HOS said it’s a “powerful and important” production and, unlike the vast majority of stories in opera, takes viewers outside the realm of European storytelling. 

Balfour produced the opera in 2017, in collaboration with HOS and the l’Atelier lyrique de l’Opera de Montreal. “Mishabooz’s Realm takes us on a journey from an Indigenous perspective through creation, colonization, and, ultimately, hope for the future,” said HOS. 

The Elixir of Love, a romantic comedy, follows the misadventures of a villager in love with a wealthy heiress. 

Along with full-length productions, the studio has scheduled multiple paywhat-you-can events through July and August, as well as operatic masterclasses. 

Holiday pricing is in effect until Jan. 20, with tickets and season passes available at