Camexicanus’ summer was filled with camps and a focus on spreading artistic fun to rural communities. Now, the cross-cultural arts organization has its sights on a capstone theatrical project debuting in the Highlands this November.

With the help of a cast of young Highlanders, they’re producing a full musical, School of Rock, for the first time.

Young leaders who’ve helped director Greg Sadlier run arts-themed summer camps will take lead roles, and the crew has been auditioning younger community members to hop on board as well to learn acting and musical skills.

“I think it’ll be an experience that none of them really have had before, including myself,” said Darian Maddock, assistant director of the program and recent HHSS graduate.

“Being able to direct these kids will be fun for me in terms of what they’re going to pick up,” he added. “They’re going to learn how to work together, how to prepare for a show and what it takes to memorize all your lines….It’s kind of the behind-the-scenes things that you never really, especially kids, think about.”

While Camexicanus has already started auditions, they invite any interested kids to drop into their weekly practices.

The community can also help out. Camexicanus is looking for sponsors for the show.

They’re also looking for theatre lovers. “It could be anything…helping for a few days with costumes or coming in and helping and volunteering with the show,” Sadlier said. “So, most of all, the main two things are encouraging kids to be a part of it and then showing up at the end and supporting the kids by being there.”

An exact date for the performances is yet to be announced.

Many of the children who have expressed interest so far have been learning skills in Camexicanus’ music classes. This year the group is re-starting pay-what-you-can music classes for kids in Haliburton, Minden and Wilberforce.

Sadlier said it’s rewarding to see young leaders such as Maddock invest in the youngest members of Haliburton’s arts community.

“This is everything that our organization stands for,” he said. “This is the dream to have young adults who are choosing… to pour into the community.”

For more information on the musical or music lessons, contact Camexicanus at info@