Bell Canada phone services restored at HHHS and municipal offices

    Haliburton Bell Canada telephone issues

    The Haliburton Highlands Health Services and multiple County municipal offices say telephone and landline connection issues affecting Bell Canada customers have been resolved.

    “We appreciate the hard work of our staff team to connect and coordinate with Bell to resolve these issues,” said Carolyn Plummer, President & CEO of HHHS. “We are thankful that the issue is resolved.”

    Dysart et al, Highlands East and Algonquin Highlands have posted notices stating Bell customers seem to be able to connect to their services again.

    A Bell Canada spokesperson said the outages were caused by an issue with Iristel, a company used by Bell Canada to service internet-based phone connection software such as landline messaging systems.

    An Iristel spokesperson said the company had temporary issues with their network in the County and “asked Bell to mitigate the potential issue for their customers by routing the traffic to one of our other interconnect points with them but they refused thus impacting clients. We didn’t have this issue with anyone else other than [Bell] customers.”