It may be on a different highway, but fans of The Country Bakery are finding the business’s new home in the former Zion United Church in Carnarvon.

The bakery, coffee and lunch spot recently moved from its Hwy. 118 home of the past six years to the site along Hwy. 35.

Following their third weekend, spokesperson Jeanette Angus said, “We’re finding the local people are very happy to have us here, very thankful we’re here, and they’re happy the church is being used again. Very good reception. They’re all plugging us and telling their neighbours and strangers that we’re in here.”

The church ceased operations in May 2019 and was purchased by David and Helen Litt, who are renting part of the hall space to The Country Bakery and plan to sell antiques in future.

Angus said they’d been telling people at the other location for quite some time that they would be moving, they just didn’t know exactly when. There were a few delays in getting the building up and running. However, that reopened Nov. 19.


“So, a lot of the Hwy. 118, lovely people that have supported us all these years, they know where to find us,” she said.

Angus said the move is benefitting them in a number of ways.

“We’re right on Hwy. 35 which is nice, a little bit more convenient for those folks, when they come by, they don’t have to deviate too far.”

She added, “It’s a nice, bright, happy, larger space for us. It’s a larger kitchen to work in. The other location got a little bit small. We outgrew it. We were on top of each other. And we only had certain areas we could walk. Here, we have lots of choices to get around each other.”

She said the only con, if you can call it that, is when she arrives very early in the morning to begin baking, she is entering a nearly 130-year-old former church building.

“It feels a little spooky. It’s a big place. It’s got its creaks and groans that I’m not used to.”

Walking in, the bakery is taking up about half of the former Zion Church Hall with its various display cases. There are no tables and chairs yet but that is the plan.

“Eventually we’ll have tables and chairs for sitting and have the little café back and there’ll be more antiques. That will get better and bigger as well,” Angus said. “The two things go together quite well.”

The bakery is preparing for Christmas, working on a scone order Dec. 6 at the time of the interviw, and doggy treats were being packaged up as well.

“We’re happy. We can make Christmas things and kind of get ready.”

Their regular hours are Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 10 a.m to 4 p.m. However, those days and hours may be extended over the holidays. Find them on Facebook for days and hours of operation and products or call 705-489-2917.

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