Looking for a fresh take on self-care and wellness? Consider the Fresh You Clinic, with locations in Haliburton and Bancroft.

“Fresh You centres the patient in an experience of renewal,” said Dr. Ashley White, who serves as medical director for both sites.

“We provide a space for clients to ‘feel like themselves’ or ‘feel how they want’ guilt-free … Our work helps women become informed about the options they have in the skin health, beauty and wellness space and ensures they direct their care in a gentle, progressive way that does not intimidate or exclude. Fresh offers a sense of brightness and hope, which is what we love about our work.”

Fresh You provides medical aesthetic and beauty services such as injections, laser treatments, hair removal, medical facials and nail care, as well as a wellness program called Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies, created for people with obesity. The clinic shop features numerous products by brands such as Vivier and Zo. Bookings and product purchases can be made traditionally or online through the Fresh You website.

Clients are known as Freshies, defined as people who want to be taken care of properly and to “feel refreshed in a modern, up-to-date, light, comfortable and fun atmosphere.” Services are available individually and in group events organized by Gillian Taylor, clinic coordinator and events lead.


“People love our events,” said White. “Gillian has such a great eye. We just hosted a bachelorette and the bride was so pleased. We had so much fun putting it together, and we hope to do many more.”

 A family practice and emergency room physician, White opened Fresh You at the Bancroft site in 2017 and the Haliburton site in 2020. The two locations are staffed collaboratively by Taylor, four nurses, four estheticians, a lead for the Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies program and a COO. In addition, White runs her own sessions for injections and skin consults at both locations.

According to White, the Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies program differs from many wellness offerings in that it “considers that obesity is a real disease, genetically rooted and mostly brain-centred.” The program offers evidence-based care combined with supportive wellness coaching, pharmacotherapy and group support (healthymindshealthybodies.ca).

“We want to help people with obesity own the space they’re in, and self-advocate, and feel entitled to good care, in beauty and in medicine,” said White.

As with similar services, Fresh You was shut down under pandemic regulations seven months out of 18. White said the team used that time to plan and clarify the clinic’s focus and “trained like crazy.”

“We are serious about skin health, and we are going to make a name for ourselves in the industry by ensuring that our patients know that they are in charge, and we can equip them with the information they require to make empowered decisions about health and beauty.”

The Fresh You Clinic sites are 17 York River Dr., Bancroft and 187 Highland St., Suite 5 (lower mall level), Haliburton. Call or text 705-417-2084, email info@ freshyouclinic.com or visit freshyouclinic. com.

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