Waste reduction week

In recognition of Waste Reduction Week in Canada, the Township of Algonquin Highlands, Municipality of Dysart et al, Municipality of Highlands East, Township of Minden Hills, County of Haliburton, Haliburton County Public Library, and Community of Making are partnering to share ways everyone can minimize their waste.

Each of the partners will use their social media channels to highlight the daily themes, supported by complementary book recommendations that help deepen the understanding and impact of actions. 

In addition, the HCPL and Community of Making is hosting a number of free waste reduction activities on its Facebook page and YouTube channel:

  • Circular Economy: Monday, Oct. 18 – watch a maker video and get excited about a circular weaving grab n’ go Kit available Oct. 26
  • Textiles: Tuesday, Oct. 19 – pick up an up-cycled autumn decor grab n’ go kit from Dysart and Minden libraries.
  • E-waste: Wednesday, Oct. 20 – watch a tech time tutorial about downloading and using the Haliburton County Waste Wizard mobile app. 
  • Plastics: Thursday, Oct. 21 – watch a maker video showcasing 3Doodler maker kits available for loan from HCPL.
  • Food Waste: Friday, Oct. 22 – watch two maker videos demonstrating two seasonal recipes: harvest muffins, and apple crisps.
  • Sharing Economy: Saturday, Oct. 23 – watch a highlight reel of HCPL’s grab n’ go kits and learn how the community has shared resources to make these kits.

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