As the weather gets colder, SIRCH Community Services is on a mission to provide warm clothes to Highlanders in need and they want your help. 

The organization is kicking off its sixth annual Share the Warmth fundraiser. 

Each year, Highlands community members in need are given donated coats, boots, hats, gloves, and more.

Oct. 18, drop-off locations around the County will begin accepting donations, and SIRCH will be at Lakeside Baptist Church in Haliburton and St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Minden to distribute winter gear Nov. 6. 

Last year, Share the Warmth brought in 1,450 pieces of used Winter clothing, which is all checked and sorted. 


The HKPR District Health Unit estimates that approximately 25 per cent of Highlands children live in poverty, which can mean good quality winter gear is out of reach. “It is more important than ever to help those who are vulnerable stay warm,” writes SIRCH in a press release. 

SIRCH Executive Director Gena Robertson said in a press release that the initiative is a way for Highlanders to help their neighbours.

“We have seen so much generosity in the past when it comes to Share the Warmth and we are hopeful this year will be no different,” she said.

Included in the statement is the story of Haliburton resident Thomas Smith, who received a coat from Share the Warmth just after moving to the County. 

At that point in time I didn’t have a job. I had just moved up here and only had a fall jacket and I didn’t have any money to spend on a new coat,” he told SIRCH. “It got me through and I still have it.” 

All donated gear must be in good working order without stains, rips or tears. 

For more information about Share the Warmth call 705-457-1742 or email

(Sam Gillett)

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