After months of planning, Adventure Haliburton is introducing a new way to explore The Highlands.

The group of tourism operators and accommodation providers have signed on to Driftscape, a Canadian-made exploration app.

Starting July 29, all Adventure Haliburton members will be marked on the program which functions as a digital, interactive roadmap for adventures.

“Every business in the County benefits from increased tourism and Driftscape will help bring more people here,” said Adventure Haliburton vice-president Randy Pielsticker in a press release.

When the app launches, there will be 30 points of interest marked on the platform.


Users can upload video, photo and audio files, and follow themed tours with audio descriptions of landmarks and scenic spots.

Barbara Kraus, director of Adventure Haliburton and co-owner of Tamarack Lodge, said the app could attract more guests who are enjoying the area’s outdoors.

“What I really like is that they can see businesses side by side. If people are nearby on an adventure, they could see us on the Driftscape app as a place to stay,” she said.

Adventure Haliburton received a $5,000 contribution from the County to assist with initial costs and is set to get $2,500 annually to help with advertising, marketing and outreach for the app.

“We are very grateful for their support, which has made a big roll out possible,” Kraus said.

Adventure Haliburton says it will continue to develop the app’s map and features over the months including adding food and beverage businesses.

The app is available for IOS and Android devices and can be accessed on internet browsers.

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