Property owners of North Pigeon, Little Bob, Gull, Black and Moore Lakes can expect letters from the Township of Minden Hills and contractor WSP Canada soon regarding the kick-off to the septic reinspection program.

About 1,071 non-vacant properties in Zone A will be done in year one of the anticipated five-year program.

WSP’s Paisley McDowell updated council at the April 8 meeting.

“The program is proposed to begin in 2021 with Zone A and be completed in 2025 with Zone E,” McDowell said.

She added that WSP was planning to send program information letters to all property owners in April/May 2021 to introduce the program.


She added a modified version would be sent to property owners from Zone A that includes more details about the inspection process and the information on how they can contact WSP to book an inspection.

She is also looking to council to set up two virtual public information sessions that were postponed in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions and are now proposed to take place this spring.

“In WSP’s experience, these initial information sessions are a critical part of the program to allow owners to engage with WSP directly, learn about the program, understand their responsibilities and ask questions,” she said.

Coun. Bob Carter said he’d like to see an accompanying letter from the township, to point out that it is not an optional program; outline the costs associated with it; and information on what will happen to people who do not comply.

“Let’s get it out there right up front so that everybody understands what’s going on here because this is a very important program,” Carter said.

He asked McDowell why it is fiveyear program, and she replied that WSP normally recommends about 1,000 properties a year as a “doable” number.

Carter also asked if they could do inspections during a stay-at-home order and McDowell said they are an essential service that can guarantee safety as it is outdoor work with employees and homeowners wearing masks and social distancing.

Carter further asked when inspections would commence and McDowell said within the month of May. She said they know seasonal residents are often not at their properties until the May long weekend.

The five-year plan

• 2021: North Pigeon, Little Bob, Gull, Black and Moore lakes.

• 2022: Duck, Horseshoe, Mountain lakes.

• 2023: Soyers, Kashagawigamog, Canning lakes.

• 2024: Little Boshkung, Twelve Mile, Brady and Bob lakes.

• 2025: Davis, Bat, South and Bow lakes.

Minden to begin septic reinspections in the south Minden is expected to kick off its septic program in May

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