Positive COVID case at Archie Stouffer


    The Trillium Lakelands District School Board (TLDSB) today confirmed a positive COVID-19 case at Archie Stouffer Elementary School in Minden.

    Communications officer, Sinead Fegan, said April 6 that all close contacts have been approached by the health unit with directions that they must follow, which includes guidance on isolation dates and testing recommendations.

    Fegan said students not identified as close contacts may continue to go to school as usual, and do not need to stay home and isolate or go for testing unless they start showing symptoms or do not pass the COVID-19 self-screening tool. 

    Due to privacy laws, the health unit will not release personal information about any staff or student who is ill unless deemed necessary, she added.

    Fegan said the school is working closely with TLDSB, the transportation consortium, and the health unit.

    “Together, we are taking the necessary steps to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 within the school community. Please know that whenever there is an identified positive COVID-19 case at a school, there is additional cleaning and sanitizing of the school above and beyond the extensive cleaning and sanitizing that occurs throughout each school day. The safety of our students and staff is most important and we continue to follow all public health protocols.”


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