Two cannabis stores have been proposed for Minden Hills.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) confirmed that Capturing Eden wants a location at 12818 Highway 35.

An AGCO spokesperson said March 15 that the 15-day public notice period for it concluded at midnight Jan. 26, 2021. There were no submissions received.

“However, the due process and eligibility process for this proposed location continues,” the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, Northern High has submitted an application for 101 Bobcaygeon Rd. The public notice period concludes at midnight March 17.

Residents of a community have an opportunity to submit a comment on a proposed location when it reaches the public notice stage.

“We encourage all residents of a community, as well as municipal officials, to submit comments. Those who submit will receive an acknowledgement, and also notice of the decision,” the spokesperson said.

The legislation is specific on what the AGCO Registrar considers in written submissions as to why a proposed store is not in the public interest and includes things such as: protecting public health and safety; protecting youth and restricting their access to cannabis; and preventing illicit activities in relation to cannabis.

The Highlander will have more in Thursday’s print edition.


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