Andrew and Anne Hodgson are turning over the keys to Century 21 Granite Realty Group Ltd.

Andrew Hodgson said they’ve sold the business to Brandon Nimigon and his wife, Megan Zwart. However, Hodgson will continue to sell real estate. “I love selling real estate. I’m not retiring,” he said.

However, he said it was time to find someone else to own and operate the four real estate offices in Haliburton County and nearly 30 realtors.

At 57, Hodgson said it is a lifestyle choice but also about good succession planning; selling to a young professional who was born, raised and educated in the County, went away to acquire some world experience, and then came back home.

Hodgson himself had only been a realtor for three years when he and Anne purchased the business from Derrell and Kim Stamp 11 years ago.

“We’re really overwhelmed by the support we’ve had owning a business in Haliburton County. The community really accepted us and we’ve been able to have a wonderful 11 years,” Hodgson said.

He added they were fortunate to buy into a business that had been run by “wonderful” realtors with an “exceptional” reputation. They simply had to follow the Stamps lead.

Hodgson, who’s involved in a number of community groups, said they often talk about the challenge of youth attraction and retention.

He said they could have sold to an outside company but they’re “excited a young, local family want to take this on. Brandon’s a good professional, a good realtor, he does things the right way, he is decent and cares about people and clients. That’s part of what started making my mind up, how he’s developed and matured.”

Hodgson added with changes to the industry, including the need for technology during COVID, and the influx of city dwellers to the County, “Brandon gets where the world’s going.”

Nimigon said the prospect of taking over the business Feb. 1, 2021 is “exciting, scary and every other feeling.”

He said when Hodgson approached him, he knew it would be a big step for he and his wife but they felt it was a good fit.

He said they plan on staying in the County for many years to come and it is a good way to get even more involved in the community.

Practicing real estate for just 5.5 years, he said having Hodgson stay on as a realtor gives him peace of mind.

He said his strength lies in the company’s digital footprint going forward. “

I want to take our company to the next level, make sure our websites are top notch, get a lot more into the Google analytics side of things, any new technology that comes out to help our clients.”

He’s a big fan of Facetime, doing virtual walk-throughs with GTA clients to rule out properties that don’t fit. It saves everybody time.

He is also pleased that as a young professional, he has been able to not only return home but have an opportunity such as this.

“When you grow up in a small town, everyone has that mindset they want to get out, go to the city and live there. Then you realize Haliburton is a pretty great place. And I want to provide that opportunity for people to come back and raise their families and have jobs to come to. Real estate is a great way to support the economy and bring tourists in. It’s all about keeping Haliburton growing ad keeping business thriving.”


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