The Folco family has long dreamed of coming to Haliburton to open their own barbershop – with a twist.

The family made that dream a reality opening The Noble Barber Dec. 8. The barber shop is located at 209 Highland St. It will start as a traditional barber service, but their vision is to make it something more, with a café and bar service, as well as an apparel store.

“Our vision with the shop is to create something that’s not Haliburton. Not that there is anything wrong with that, we just want something that could live in any city, anywhere and be something different than what people are used to in Haliburton,” Nick Folco said. “Gentlemen can come to just feel comfortable.”

Kirstley and Nick Folco recently moved from Peterborough, where Nick Folco worked as a barber. He said it was always their hope to live in Haliburton, having grown up in the area.

“We didn’t plan on all this happening, especially during a pandemic,” Kirstley Folco said. “The pieces just fell into place and we just ran with it.”

They plan to open carefully given the pandemic, using online booking for cuts. The bar will not be opening until next year, with appropriate limitations, they said. Nick Folco said the store concept stems from him starting his career at the Village Cigar Company and Barbershop, established in 2012 in Burlington, which offered a more expanded experience and hosted events.


“You would have people like myself. Obviously, I have long hair, I’m not getting a barber service, but I’d still want to go for their events,” Kirstley Folco said. “It kind of brings people into the business that might not normally be going into a barbershop.”

The barber said anyone skeptical of the idea should take a look.

“It’s going to be beautiful, it’s going to be very welcoming and it’s going to be really cool,” he said. “It is going to have a wild effect when people walk in here. “I’m just very excited to meet everyone in Haliburton and start making good relationships and friendships with people.”

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