A planned power outage Sept. 27 will affect 6,000 Hydro One customers in Minden and surrounding areas.

In a release, Hydro One said the outage is required for crews to safely complete upgrades to local equipment and perform scheduled maintenance.

They anticipate the power will be out between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Affected areas include: Galway, Minden, Somerville, Minden Hills, Snowdon, Glamorgan and Cavendish.

Hydro One said the work will “help ensure a safe and reliable supply of electricity to homes and businesses.”


They elaborated they will install three smart switches, which is equipment that helps to reduce the frequency and duration of power outages, while limiting the amount of customers affected.

Crews will also replace 43 poles that have reached their expected service life with a mix of wood and composite poles, which help to deter woodpeckers. Additional crews and equipment are being brought in to complete as much local area work as possible during this outage.

They provided some tips:

  • Make sure your appliances are in the off position, such as the stove.
  • Make sure your devices, such as a smart phone, and extended battery packs are fully charged.  
  • Keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible. Use a cooler with ice for items you’ll need during the planned outage.
  • Consider filling jugs of water to use for drinking and cooking if you have a generator.
  • If you plan to use a generator, remember to use it in a dry area outdoors away from any open windows, doors and vents. Visit the Electrical Safety Authority at esasafe.com for more tips.
  • If you have a bathtub, consider filling it with water before the planned outage begins. You can use the water and a bucket to fill your toilet tank to be able to flush.

In order to ensure our crews can continue working for all Ontarians, we ask that customers respect physical distancing.

Affected customers are notified via auto dialer and can visit Hydro One’s outage map or call 1-888-664-9376 for additional information.

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