County councillors and staff emerged from a six-hour meeting Sept. 6 with five clear goals for the remainder of the 2018-2022 term.

Warden Liz Danielsen said it was “an excellent session. [Consultant] Erik Lockhart has a very streamlined process that helped us focus on our mission, our vision statement and our primary goals for the term along with some objectives to help us achieve those goals.

“It was very heartening to see that council and staff were very much aligned in our goals for the county and its residents,” she added.

She said the goals are: to complete the governance and service delivery review; to consider placing a greater focus on regional economic development; to achieve financial sustainability and remain in alignment with their asset management plan; to achieve appropriate climate change adaptation and mitigation in partnership with the four member municipalities and to improve countywide broadband service.

“To ensure success in each of these goals we have established a number of steps to take as well as timelines,” Danielsen said.

She said a formal document detailing the overall plan should be available to the public in their November agenda.

“Details of our finalized vision and mission statements will be available at that time.”


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