A university student from Bethany has rounded out the field of Haliburton Kawartha Lakes-Brock federal election candidates as of press time Sept. 4.

Elizabeth Fraser, 21, who is in her third year of environmental studies at Carleton University, is the Green Party candidate.

She joins previously-announced candidates: incumbent Conservative Jamie Schmale; Liberal Judi Forbes and NDP hopeful Barbara Doyle. The Highlander has also learned of a fifth candidate, Gene Balfour, of the People’s Party of Canada.

It’s expected the federal election will be held Monday, Oct. 21.

Speaking from Ottawa, where she worked this summer with the Canada Revenue Agency, Fraser told The Highlander she started the Green Party Club at Carleton University in her first year of studies.


Entering her third year, she said “I didn’t really anticipate running for office this young. But I just thought given the political climate, and issues I really care about, such as the environment and employment, I can go into an election year and be upset about changes or put myself out there and be that voice for people who feel the same way.”

Fraser acknowledged it would be an uphill battle to be elected. However, “I don’t think the Green Party has had a huge presence in the riding and it’s only fair to offer those constituents an alternative and I hope to be that alternative.”

On his election page, genebalfour. ca, Balfour has a copy of the Canadian Constitution. He writes, “after reading this document, I came to realize how far Canada has drifted from the vision of our founders for a united and free Canada. This has inspired me to work with Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada to return our country to the values that have made Canada a great country over the last 150-plus years.”

Doyle won the NDP nomination on Feb. 23. She is a Lindsay-based activist. Forbes got the Liberal nod on June 26. She is the owner of Moorlands Bed and Breakfast in Beaverton and a former bank senior manager. Schmale was elected in the 2015 federal election after the retirement of Barry Devolin. He announced his candidacy in 2018.

Meanwhile, the Haliburton Highlands Chamber of Commerce and CARP will be hosting an all-candidates debate on October 9 at 7 p.m. at the Pinestone Resort.

“This is part of the Chamber’s regular service to the community and we are pleased to be able to offer the forum as a way for candidates and residents to connect before the election,” said manager Jennifer Locke.

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