Point in Time executives told members at their annual general meeting the service organization is keeping steady through government upheaval and managing the responsibility of a new youth hub. 

More than 30 people attended the meeting June 11 to discuss the organization’s standing and future.

Board members and staff commented on how Point in Time is navigating its finances, a change in government and the ongoing renovation of its hub, where the meeting was held. 

Executive director Marg Cox said the board has stepped up to adjust to changing times, such as working under the new Ministry of Community and Social Services.  

“It’s been a time where we’ve been going through lots of change … everything’s always a challenge and an opportunity,” Cox said. “It’s been remarkable. (President) Peter (Smith)’s really stepped up to the plate.”  

Smith said all the work the board did culminated in having a new home at the hub. 

 “I do recall, just after we took possession of the buildings … we were talking about visualizing, imagine a place we can come,” he said. “It’s no longer imagining it. We’re here, it’s in the present. A heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in that.”  

Regular programming is already well underway at the hub but there is more to be done before renovations are complete.

Although the main floor of the building is in use, work is happening in the lower levels, Cox said.

An accessibility lift, ramp and washrooms are also to be added to make it a fully accessible building. 

 But the locale, funded in large part through a $975,000 provincial grant over three years, will offer a lot when it iscomplete, Cox said.

It is one of the 10 sites for the Youth Wellness Hub Ontario, providing a wide-range of social services at one location. 

 “It’s an exciting place but it’s going to be more exciting as the renovations get finished,” Cox said. “We’re able to provide one-stop shopping for a full-range of services for mental health, addictions, sexual heath, physical health.”  

Point in Time also highlighted its finances. BDO Canada auditor Jason Becker said purchasing the youth hub had a big impact on the fiscal picture, with increases in revenues, expenses and assets.

Its assets ballooned from $1.456 million in 2018 to $2.183 million in 2019.  The organization also had a $200,000 surplus, which Becker said was reinvested back into renovations, equipment and furniture.

Its reserve fund stands at $500,000, which Becker said will help keep the organization steady.  

“Point in Time is financially healthy and is well positioned to continue providing valuable services in the community,” Becker said.  

The organization ended the meeting by recognizing long-time staff with awards for their years of service.  

“People have really been stepping up to make sure as many kids and youth in our community that require service get it,” Cox said. “Thanks everybody for coming together and working together.”


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