Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa is pronouncing itself as the first publicly cannabis-friendly resort in Canada.  

The resort has partnered with the cannabis tourism company Cannabis Hotels to list themselves as cannabis-friendly.

The resort is introducing areas which will allow for cannabis use in accordance with smoking regulations. 

 Resort director of business development Jon Massey said the hotel is not shying away from the fact recreational cannabis is now legal.  

“We acknowledge that with the law coming into place, the same as every other hotel, there is a chance that guests would want to come and use cannabis while at the resort,” Massey said. “This is about managing it so guests that aren’t using cannabis, the majority that aren’t using cannabis, are not impacted by those that do want to use it. And those that do want to use it feel free to do so.”  


Massey said the resort will have guidebooks for guests that will clearly lay out the rules on where they can consume.

Smoking is not allowed in the main building or the rooms themselves.  

“We are putting into place smoking areas designated for cannabis that are still nice places to be able to enjoy the scenery and the experience at the inn, but will not impede other guests,” Massey said.  

He added with the federal government planning to legalize cannabis edibles and extracts by Oct. 17, the potential impact to non-users will decline as people try other options besides smoking the drug.  

Cannabis Hotels CEO Wendy Forwell called the move an important step for the industry.  

“Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa is taking a leadership role in developing Ontario as a premium cannabis tourism destination, which will open opportunities for others across the province,” Forwell said. 

 Massey said this could spark industry conversation.

“It may open up more conversation both inside and outside of the industry about what this is going to look like in the landscape going forward,” he said. 

He declined to comment about how the resort thinks local guests might respond to the change.  

But he said the intention is not for Sir Sam’s to become an exclusively cannabis-smoking resort.  

“We just chose to say we want to manage it,” Massey said. “We’ve always been an inclusive resort for all of our guests that come here and we want to make sure we stay that way.”

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