Something hot is coming to the Haliburton Home & Cottage Show this year and it’s not furnaces.  

Kegel Heating & Cooling will be showcasing their newest product, incinerating toilets, at this year’s event from May 31 to June 2.  

Kyla Sisson, Kegel Heating & Cooling’s office manager, said the toilets are a more eco-friendly option for “the growing septic issue in Haliburton County, and the surrounding areas.”  

“I think our main goal is to be able to offer an environmentally-friendly solution for people that are looking for alternative waste options,” said Sisson. “People are trying to make mindful decisions on how to deal with waste that can better the planet.”  

The toilets burn the material and leave ashes that can be used in gardens. No drainage, water supply or electric mains are required.  


“The ash is completely free of bacteria, and contains nutrient salts with potassium and phosphorus,” according to the Incinerating Toilets Inc’s website.  

The store currently sells two electric models of the toilet and will be stocking a propane option, that has just been approved in Canada, in the next month or two.  

“The prices range from $6,000 to $7,000 plus tax depending on the model and accessories purchased,” said Sisson. 

The product is imported from Cinderella Eco Group, a Norwegian company that’s been in the business for more than 20 years.  

The toilets are childproof, easy to install according to the website and can be used for non-typical homes (Tiny, mobile or off grid homes).  

“These units are cost-effective in comparison to having to redo your septic system, especially with water access properties,” said Sisson. “These units are completely waterless as well, so not only are we saving on using water with each flush, these units don’t require any winterization in cottages and can be used year-round.”

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