Environment Haliburton! (EH!) is focusing on building campaigns on plastics and food waste, its president told an annual general meeting this past Saturday.  

Ryan Sisson added that enhancing partnerships is another goal for 2019.  EH! held its AGM at the fish hatchery May 11.  

Targeting the elimination of single-use plastics and the amount of organic food waste going into landfills came out of a visioning session this past year where the executive also discussed what they’d done well, and what they could have done better.  

“For our size, I think we’ve taken on quite a bit and been quite successful in our efforts,” Sisson said.  

During his annual report, Sisson said Sea Sick, a one-woman play EH! presented with Abbey Gardens was well attended, broke even, and brought EH! into partnership with John and Thea Patterson.  


“And partnering with more community organizations is really something that we decided to adopt a little bit more, proactively moving forward,” he added.  

The monthly enviro cafes continue to be well-organized and attendance is growing, he said.  

“It used to be that we would notice the same 15 or 20 people … we’ve adopted some new faces to the crowd and that I think is very encouraging for all of us.”  

Sisson said their work in questioning municipal government candidates about environmental issues garnered 25 responses, offering a point-in-time record of where they stand.  

“And I can say that we’ve already had conversations with some of those individuals to remind them of their commitments to us.”  

He noted recent County of Haliburton action on climate change, including a shoreline naturalization bylaw, and Dysart moving to install water stations.

EH! members are also attending municipal environmental committee meetings.  

If they can find sufficient interest and helpers, Sisson said they would also like to push for more outdoor events and lobbying municipalities for more recycling bins in public places and at community events.  

He invited the public to attend their board meetings. They are held the third Saturday of the month at the CanoeFM radio hall.

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