Highlands East’s clubs and volunteer groups came out in force to recruit new members at the first-ever Wilberforce Activity Fair March 9.

The fair at the Lloyd Watson Memorial Community Centre featured about a dozen local groups showcasing what they are about. The event was organized by Wilberforce’s volunteer fundraising group.

Member Kathy Rogers said the idea came when someone recently left Highlands East because they did not know what there was to do.

“We were all way too busy doing stuff, so we couldn’t figure out how somebody wouldn’t know,” Rogers said. “So how do we get the word out to people so they know what’s going on in the community?”

The event attracted more than 100 people to survey the groups and enjoy music and free chilli provided by Highlands East Community Cooks.


Heat Bank Haliburton County co-ordinator Tina Jackson said the fair was a great way for people to learn what is happening in the area.

“It’s a great opportunity for somebody who may want to get involved with the community,” Jackson said. “Whether or not they want to become a dedicated volunteer, it’s good to know what’s going on.”

Fay Martin of Places for People said the event was a good way for the group to boost its profile in Highlands East. She added the fair was a networking opportunity.

“Most people here are already volunteering, but we made some good connections who didn’t know us,” Martin said. “Even though not a whole lot of new people came in to get recruited, there’s still a lot of good work that happens among the movers and shakers.”

Carrie Boss attended the fair for the music and to survey the different groups participating.

“Lots of fun,” Boss said. “It was a good idea because it shows you what actually is in the community.”

Rogers said the group plans to put on another activity fair in the future.

“It went all right. It’s our first year to give it a try so we’ve asked for feedback from the different groups in what they think we can do different,” Rogers said. “But everyone seems to be happy.”

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