By Lisa Gervais

The owners of the Minden Home Hardware have confirmed that they have purchased the Haliburton Home Hardware from Jerry and Dale Walker.

Dan Moulton said he and wife, Emily, will make Haliburton their eighth store effective May 31.

“We’re so excited to be buying Haliburton Home Hardware,” Moulton told The Highlander on May 25.

He said they have known the Walkers for a long time, adding the well-known Haliburtonians had “built a great new store, but are now at the end of their careers and wanting to move on.”

The Walkers could not be immediately reached for comment.


Moulton added he and Emily feel “very fortunate” to be expanding into the Haliburton community.

He said they’ve built one store, and renovated others, so to walk into a new store is a new experience.

“The Walkers have built such a beautiful store which really has exceeded the expectations of the community.”

He acknowledged that taking over a store during a lockdown in a pandemic in June is a challenge.

Already, he said retailers are being taxed by curbside service since it’s not like they have an  Amazon warehouse full of staff. Existing staff have had to take, fill and deliver orders. They’ll continue to do so until June 2 at the earliest.

“Our store in Minden, just like their store, has been so busy with curbside. It’s a pretty challenging way to do business. But we’re working hard to keep our community going, with everyone’s home and cottage building and renovation needs.

However, he added, “we are looking forward to seeing everyone again.”

They are also eagerly anticipating adding Haliburton’s team to theirs.

“We’re so excited and we’re just going to work hard at serving the community.”

The Moultons purchased the Minden Home Hardware in 2017.

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