Oil spill in Highlands East being cleaned up

Some work was continuing today [Jan. 15] at the site of a diesel oil spill in Highlands East.

The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks has confirmed that on the evening of Jan. 12, its Spills Action Centre was notified of a diesel fuel spill from a commercial truck roll over into the ditch on Highway 503.

A spokesperson said ministry staff coordinated with the OPP, the local fire department and the truck’s owner and insurance company to ensure the spill was contained and cleaned up promptly.

”Approximately 75 litres of diesel fuel had leaked from one of the truck’s saddle tanks into the roadside ditch and a marshy area,” the spokesperson said.

“A spill clean-up crew and an environmental consulting firm used a vacuum truck to remove fuel-impacted water from the scene. More tainted water and soil was removed Jan. 14 and while the clean-up is nearly complete some work continues today (Jan. 15).


The spokesperson said ministry staff continue to monitor the work and will ensure that the spill is cleaned up properly and the natural environment is restored.

“The Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks takes all spills and threats to the environment very seriously. The ministry’s role is to coordinate and oversee clean-up efforts to ensure environmental impacts are properly addressed.”

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