Haliburton Highlands Youth Unlimited (HHYU) is hosting a 1-100 fundraiser “to maintain their programs and to serve the youth in the area,” the organization said in a recent press release.

One hundred boxes, with amounts valuing from $1 to $100, are available to raise funds in support of the ministry.

“Box by box, you will be helping to maintain programs for the young people throughout Haliburton Highlands and also help them to reach their fundraising goal of $5,050.00,” Ian McIntosh, satellite director of HHYU, said.

The 1-100 fundraiser began Nov. 22 and will end Dec. 13. McIntosh said people have the ability to donate online from home or via their cell phones. There is no limit to how many boxes people can choose except if that box has already been claimed by another donor.

“Not only will you be helping to provide youth with safe and healthy programming, you will also be creating opportunities for youth to be mentored and cared for,” McIntosh said.


McIntosh said HHYU has been working one-on-one with students. Under COVID protocols and regulations, he said they have been able to take students out to lunch or for a coffee and guide them through life’s difficulties and changes. He said they often make contact at the Haliburton Junction Skate Park.

He added that HHYU is offering a new program to teach and develop youth to become more creative musically. In October, they began online music lessons for ages eight to 18. Each lesson is 45 minutes, comprising 30 minutes of music instruction and 15 minutes of life lessons and positive conversation. Music lessons are available for drums, guitar and piano, and offered for eight consecutive weeks.

HHYU is also supporting junior youth (Grades 6-8) and senior youth (Grades 9-12) operating out of Lakeside Baptist Church in Haliburton.

See the fundraiser page: givingbox. ca/f/4400 For more information on HHYU, visit: youthunlimitedkaw.com/ haliburtonhighlands/ or contact McIntosh at 905-429-8389, ian@youthunlimitedkaw. com or on Facebook and Instagram.

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