Haliburton Highlands Land Trust (HHLT) has announced it will be offering Land Trust Discovery Days and monthly “My Backyard” challenges online.

Their theme for May and June is birds and animals that fly. They are challenging people of all ages to go and explore their backyard or favourite outdoor place, being mindful of the province’s guidelines for COVID-19.

They urge people to send photos of birds or animals that fly to their Facebook page, May and June Challenges, post or email them to admin@haliburtonlandtrust.ca using ‘My Backyard’ in the subject line.

At the end of the challenges, the HHLT will announce winners.

The first Land Trust Discovery Days online program will be Bird Boxes with Thom Lambert. Lambert will be filmed installing a bird box. Along with the video, the Land Trust will post some bird box patterns in case people would like to build one themselves. “Watch for the video on our website later in May,” the Land Trust said on May 8.


They will also be offering Whip-Poor-Wills Land Trust Discovery Days online in late June or early July. Dave Bathe will film a wander at his farm as he listens for the distinctive call of the Whip-Poor-Will. If you would like to learn about these birds ahead of time, check out the videos section of the Land Trust’s website and you will find a video made at Bathe’s farm a few years ago.

The Land Trust acknowledged the support of TD Friends of the Environment for partially funding Land Trust Discovery Days.

“We look forward to seeing posts come in from around Haliburton County and from across Ontario. Ed Poropat has generously offered to assist in identifying critters for those wondering what they have discovered. Also, Sticks and Stones Productions has generously offered to film our bird box installation.”

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