Haliburton’s employers worked to fill job openings ahead of a busy summer season at the Fleming Crew Employment Centre’s Job Fair April 25.  

The fair’s 25 employers spoke with approximately 100 people who attended in pursuit of jobs. The employers came from a variety of sectors, including municipal, tourism, service, and trades.  

Fleming Crew employment and training consultant Jillian Diezel said the event was successful and challenged misconceptions about the labour market.  

“Sometimes people feel there aren’t any jobs available in Haliburton but something like this goes to disprove that,” Diezel said. “The turnout from job seekers shows that there are many people out there looking for work.”  

However, employers spoke about the struggle of finding people available to fill positions. Hawk River Construction landscape manager Adam MacIntosh said his company has tried to fill openings since January. 


“It’s been quite challenging. It’s an employee market right now,” MacIntosh said. “We’ve filled a few positions but we have a few more to fill.”  

Red Umbrella Inn manager Kirk Neilson said there is always difficulty filling seasonal spots.  

“A lot of people will look for something full-time, they’ll be looking for something all-year round and we’re a seasonal operation,” Neilson said.  

However, MacIntosh said events like the job fair are welcome ways to help with the labour shortage.  

“This fair that Fleming Crew’s put on has been seemingly a good success, so I think more stuff like this can be helpful,” MacIntosh said.

Job seeker Lisa, who asked her last name be withheld, said the fair was a good one-stop location.  

“It makes it a lot easier,” she said. “It’s very good because you get to know the employers there as people, not just as an employment company.”  

Diezel said Fleming Crew plans to continue to offer the job fairs on an annual or semi-annual basis.  

“There aren’t any other real opportunities for employers to meet candidates face-to-face outside of an interview,” she said. “We are looking forward to doing these … to continue providing the public with the opportunity.”

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