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8 Reasons to Advertise in
The Highlander

Find out why most businesses choose The Highlander

1. Substantial Reach

  • The Highlander Newspaper has the HIGHEST circulation in the County. So, if you're looking to get the word out- we're it!
  • Every Thursday approximately 8,000 to 10,000 copies are distributed across Haliburton County, Dorset & Northern Kawartha Lakes.
  • To make things better, one copy is often viewed by more than one person so this makes your ad's reach skyrocket!

2. Brand Recognition

  • Readers notice newspaper ads
  • Newspapers last more than one day
  • Newspapers are visited multiple times a day
  • Regularly placed ads offer increased awareness and recognition

3. Cost Effective & Flexible

  • Ads are affordable
  • Many options to fit your budget - size, colour, placement, etc.
  • We will help you find a cost effective solution for your business

4. Readers Trust Newspaper Ads

  • Newspapers are widely considered the most trusted media for advertising content.
  • Advertising in newspapers adds legitamacy to your business

5. Targeted Advertising

  • Specifically targets local consumers
  • Special feature sections allow you to target specific markets

6. Strong Ad Engagement

  • Newspaper print ads get noticed more than all other media
  • Your ads can't be hidden by an Ad-Blocker

7. Newspaper Ads Aren't Intrusive

  • Readers expect to see ads in the paper
  • Reduced risk of your ad being ignored or arousing resentment

8. Influencers Read Newspapers

  • Increased word of mouth and social proof
  • Influencers push consumers to the buying phase

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