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Thursday, August 22, 2019


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Church “pillar” celebrates 80th birthday

LIFE --- The community gathered together to celebrate the 80th birthday of beloved church organist Bill Gliddon.

Turtle guardian wins major conservation award

LIFE --- Environmentalist Leora Berman has earned national acclaim, winning a Canadian Wildlife Federation award for her conservation work.

Youth earn $5,000 for Haliburton Heat Bank

LIFE --- HHSS students earned Heat Bank Haliburton County $5,000 by topping their school in the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative program.

Love that started with a wave

LIFE --- The love that Barbara and Peter Walford-Davis have shared for over 50 years started with a crowded cafeteria and a wave.

Young people must be part of solution

NEWS --- A community forum on ‘supporting youth in wellness’ was held last Wednesday in Haliburton, but despite repeated comments that young people must be part of a solution to what’s been deemed a community in crisis, The Highlander only found ..

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